Voiello Linguine Rigate Pasta, 500g


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Truly delicious Linguine with an amazing surface texture to catch sauce richly, and a full-bodied texture to bite into. Very high quality pasta made using 100% Italian wheat, from Voiello - founded in 1875. Wonderful piled on a plate, drizzled with olive oil, arrabbiata sauce or pesto and fresh herbs.

The foundation of so many delicious dishes.

The Story:

The flavour of pasta is measured above all with the palate. The architecture: shape, surface, consistency, perfume, flavor and temperature. Voiello offers precious BRONZE-DRAWN shapes, which derive from the best pasta art, celebrating a treasure of gastronomic tradition.

In Bourbon Naples of the nineteenth century, pasta was a valuable product: it was produced and dried in the Maccheronai shops. It is in this context that the history of the Antico Pastificio Voiello begins, in Torre Annunziata, the economic center of a district famous for the art of pasta making.

Voiello pasta was featured in this Guardian Article 'Five of the Best'