Single Origin Coffee from La Canada, Mexico, 250g


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Brew something amazing at home! This Single Origin Coffee from Climpson and Sons is quite simply one of the best coffees in the world right now. Because Climpson and Sons only source and roast coffees that are among the best in the world right now! 

Tasting notes: Brown Sugar, Apple, Lime

Info from the Roastery:

Single Origin: La Canada, Mexico

This marks our second year working with a specific Mexican exporter to highlight this unique origin and their increasingly varied range of flavour profiles.

In recent years Mexico has not been seen as a high-profile producing nation though this is surely set to change with a new generation of specialty producers now gathering momentum.

Farm Story 

This lot hails from the La Cañada region, sitting on the Oaxaca mountain range close to the state border with Puebla. Near the town of San Juan Coatzospam a small group of coffee producers collaborate under the name ICIO (Integradora de Cooperativas Indigenas de Oaxaca). Applying organic farming practices this cooperative group works with their natural environment to grow Typica, Bourbon and Caturra varieties, alongside other subsistence and fruit crops.

The Details

With a strong biodynamic ethos and indigenous Mexican heritage, the ICIO producers are focused on preserving their unique ecosystems and improving livelihoods within their community. At its core, this approach avoids all chemical fertilizers and considers the soil, waterways, weather and plants as an interrelated system. Using only natural sources to replenish soil vitality creates a healthier crop and more sustainable future. A rapid improvement in coffee quality is also evident with La Cañada now our go-to morning brew