Single Origin Coffee from Esperanca, Brazil, 250g


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Brew something amazing at home! This Single Origin Coffee from Climpson and Sons is quite simply one of the best coffees in the world right now. Because Climpson and Sons only source and roast coffees that are among the best in the world right now! 

Tasting notes: Honey, Salted Caramel and Apricot

Here’s Climpson and Sons to tell you (much) more about the process behind this amazing brew!

Info from the Roastery:
The Fields is known as the adventurous coffee in our range and a key part of our forward-thinking desire for quality and innovation. This coffee represents our standing as one of the pioneers in the London coffee scene with its title a nod to our local London Fields community/neighbourhood.

The Fields offers us the chance to explore alternative approaches to processing, sustainability and experiment with some of our closest coffee growing partners. All of which results in unique flavours from some of our favourite producers around the world.

This version of The Fields highlights a unique harvesting experiment led by one of our most unique coffee producing friends. Knowing each other's tastes and desire for pushing boundaries, Bruno de Souza and his team at Fazenda Esperança went above and beyond to surprise us with 6 separate lots from the 2019 harvest. When we heard of one particular experiment we knew this should end up as The Fields.

The Details

Over the past decade Bruno has been moving towards a fully contained organic farm along with re-building his own processing mill. Inspired by the success of biodynamic practices used in other industries he finally had the capacity to try this on his own coffee. These Catuai cherries reached maturity the same week as a lunar eclipse and, in totally reasonable fashion, Bruno insisted on picking this at midnight under the full moon. 

Left intact to slowly dry as a natural over the next 3 weeks this coffee goes beyond the typical Brazil profile with notes of clean honey, dried apricot and salted caramel. During this global lockdown it is reminding us of more easy-going times in the Brazilian countryside and the hope we can enjoy coffee with our friends again soon. Until then, we recommend this coffee meets your aeropress, Wilfa Brewer or trusty cafetiere. Suitable for all-day drinking but rumoured to be even better by moonlight.

Fazenda Esperança is run by the infamous and inimitable Bruno de Souza, a true pioneer of Brazilian speciality coffee and one of our transparent partners in coffee sourcing. Situated near Campos Altos in the Cerrado Mineiro region, Fazenda Esperança is seen as an industry innovator in pushing for separation of specific varieties and improving processing standards. Following in his family’s footsteps, Bruno acts as an independent exporter of his own coffees as well as his neighbours. Having first made friends with Bruno at a number of European coffee events, 5 different members of the Climpson’s team have since stayed at his farm on our annual coffee buying pilgrimages.