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From a wonderful, independent kitchen in North London - bring the food of a private chef straight to your door. Convenience food doesn’t have to mean a ready meal or a takeaway.

From Clare Heal, Sycamore Smyth’s chief chef….

‘The adrenaline rush of a restaurant kitchen in full swing for service is fairly addictive. But the crazy hours weren’t, and I realised that what I was really smitten by was the idea of feeding people - preparing food with love, assuaging hunger and turning physical necessity into an opportunity for happiness.’


Some of the nice things people have said about this, truly delicious, food:

"Amazing healthy and tasty dishes and dessert to die for." - Haden R

"Your lasagna is the best we've ever tasted!" - Sharon C

"Much enjoyed the wonderful food." - Christine G

"Such a fantastic meal. The food was excellent, the courses beautifully balanced, and the atmosphere relaxed." - Annemarie Y

"What a magnificent dinner!" - John H