Bella Cerignola Olives, hand picked - buttery and aromatic


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Large, green, wonderfully buttery and tasty olives in brine come in this beautiful glass amphora jar. Use as antipasto or as accompaniment to cocktails. Bella di Cerignola olives grown only in the area around Cerignola, in the vicinity of Foggia in Puglia.

Andrea and his father Giovanni Fratepietro from Apulia, Italy are third and fourth generation olive growers of one very special variety of olive: 'the beauty from Cerignola' (Bella di Cerignola), Cerignola olives are greatly prized for their large size, mild flavour and 'meaty' texture. These olives are hand picked, and father and son supervise the entire production process from beginning to end.

Bella di Cerignola is the olive by the oval and bellied shape immediately recognisable. The importance of the shape and the consistency of the flesh anticipates the tantalising and fresh taste. They are great when eaten alone, are the headliners in the aperitifs and accompanying cured meat and cheese based dishes. They are perfect with wine, the olives Bella di Cerignola enhance  cocktails giving them a particular aromaticity.

Bella di Cerignola is the largest olive in the world. Green or black in color, this typical Apulian variety has conquered the tables all over the world thanks to its high quality. Its cultivation has always been an important activity for Cerignola, a municipality in the province of Foggia, located in the north of Puglia, from which the fruit takes its name. In this setting, the Fratepietro farm cultivates these special olives, respecting the seasonal cycles of nature. To preserve the beauty and integrity of the fruits, the staff of the Fratepietro farm picks the olives by hand directly from the tree when they have reached the right degree of ripeness. Carefully selected, they are transformed and preserved in water and salt, according to ancient family recipes.